Welcome to the Departments of

Cardiovascular Surgery.

Departments A, B and C of the Louis Pradel Hospital.

Visiting hours: 12 noon to 8.00pm - Admissions and discharge office: 7.30am to 6.00pm (weekdays) / 8.00am to 6.00pm (weekends and public holidays) - You can also take an appointment with one of the team members: Departments A & B - Department C

Operations performed in our departments...

We perform all adult cardiothoracic and vascular surgery procedures and surgery for congenital cardiopathies...

Our care teams...

Departments A & B

Adult cardiovascular surgery
and heart transplants

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  • Pr. Jean-François OBADIA
    Head of Department A

  • Pr. Fadi Farhat
    Head of Department B

  • Dr. Jacques ROBIN

  • Dr. Pietro MONTAGNA

  • Dr. Matteo POZZI

  • Docteur Daniel GRINBERG

Department C

Adult and child cardiovascular surgery
and heart transplantation

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  • Pr. Jean NINET
    Head of Department C

  • Pr. Roland HENAINE

  • Dr. Olivier Metton

  • Dr. Julia MITCHELL