Congenital cardiopathy

Pr Ninet, Pr Hénaine and Dr Metton specialize in particular in

congenital cardiopathy surgery

in what is the only center in the region, and one of the very few in France, to have this competence.

They treat:

- Newborn infants, operated on during the very first days of their life, up to adults with longstanding congenital cardiopathy, who often underwent one or more operations in childhood.

Girl operated on for communication between the two atria

- Simple deformities, such as closing abnormal communications inside the heart, up to the most complex, such as correcting great vessel transposition
See résults (gif,20ko).

Great vessel transposition

- Major cardiac failure, which may be treated by transplantation or an artificial heart; our youngest patient to receive a heart implant was just 2 days old in 1989, and then received a transplant at the age of 18 in 2007!

Child with artificial heart after acute cardiocirculatory failure

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