General information

Each patient, on admission to the department, is received by a member of our health care team, who explains how the stay will proceed and straight away provides whatever information the patient needs in order to feel reassured. The whole team - surgeons, medical physicians, anesthetists, registrars, fellows, secretaries, supervisors, nurses, and assistant nurses - works together in close collaboration in looking after the patient. Each one of us takes care to make sure that each patient's stay takes place in the best possible conditions.

On admission and throughout your stay in the department, we ask you not to take any kind of medication apart from that prescribed by your cardiologist and surgeon or by one of the department's anesthetists. But, if you are taking a particular treatment, you should bring it with you; the care team will arrange with you for it to be administered. And don't forget to let us know if you have any allergies.

We would advise you not to keep any valuable jewelry or large amount of money on you. You can deposit them when you are at the Admissions Desk. And we advise you to lock your cupboard and keep the key on you whenever you go out of your room..

If you would like a single room, you need to understand that this depends on what rooms are available at the time.

An assistant nurse will come and ask you about your tastes in food and any particular diet you follow, and she will try to take what you tell her into account when planning your meals. Just let us know if you have a salt-free or low-salt diet or a fat-free or sugar-free diet (if you are diabetic).

If need be, a dietician will look after your meals.

A social worker can help you and your family with any problems you may be having. She works in liaison with all of the various hospital departments and outside organizations. She can help you prepare discharge, whether you are returning home or going to a convalescence center. You can meet with her in her office or, if you cannot move around, you can ask her to come to your bedside.

Social worker, Unit 30:
Guillemette DE BOVIS
tel : (+33)(0)4 72 11 89 25

Social worker, Unit 31:
Gabrielle SALICHON
tel : (+33)(0)4 72 11 89 24
Social work secretariat Ms MAS : (+33)(0)4 72 11 89 55